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Child Care Inspection Binder System- Upgrade Materials

This double binder upgrade is being created for your specific business needs. We are including 

  • A second binder that will help with overflow (will include a matching coversheet and spine) - $16 
  • 10 extra reusable children's folders with card inserts and labels  - $3.99 each = $39.90
  • We will ship your binders priority mail shipping upgrade so that both binders fit in the box. It will include shipping during checkout. You already paid $9.99 for shipping so we will add another $9.99 shipping during this checkout. This will cover the $20 priority shipping cost it will take for both binders. Your total upgrade cost with shipping when you go to check out will be $65.89. 


Inspection & Record Keeping Binder System - 


Do you want to have stress-free licensing inspections? Our Inspection and Record-Keeping Binder is designed specifically for you to get and stay organized! We help you stay in compliance! Enjoy this well-organized, personalized,  binder system that includes all the content you need for your child care licensing inspections.  Enjoy having all your records, required forms, training, staff records, a parent handbook section, meal/food program section, emergency/medical/building section, children's enrollment folders, staff folders, and contact information all in one spot. No more searching a file cabinet while child care licensing waits for you to find a file! Simply grab your binders during the inspection and hand them off to your inspector! You have enough to worry about running your business! Get your Inspection & Record-Keeping Binder System today!


So Many Goodies Included: 

🌸Center Records Section - Get Your Important Things Organized All In One Place!
🌸Clear CPR & First Aid Zipped, Binder Pocket
🌸Parent Handbook Section For Your Updated Handbook
🌸Required Licensing Forms Printed For FREE! Stay In Compliance!
🌸Our Custom Forms - Postings, Master Copies, etc.
🌸Emergency / Medical / Building Section
🌸Staff Record's Folders With card inserts
🌸Children's Enrollment Records Folders With card inserts Included! 
🌸Meals or Food Program Section For Applicable Members
🌸Contact Page With Licensing Contacts, Local Child Care Associations, Local Food Programs, And Other Important Contacts For Your Program.


So many bonuses! Our custom forms...


🌸Lesson Plan Form
🌸Daily Menu Form
🌸To-do List Form
🌸Daily Schedule Form
🌸Child Daily Report Form
🌸Weekly Planner Form
🌸Contact Page Form
🌸2022, 2023, 2024 Calendars
🌸Child Photo Release
🌸Bug Spray & Sunblock Authorization
🌸Blank Graphing Paper For Schematic Design
🌸Parent Contract
🌸Blank Notes

🌸Emergency Info
🌸Building Inspection 
🌸Infant Sleep Observation

🌸Field Trip Permission

🌸Injury Notice

🌸Medication Permission

🌸Water Permission


Child Care Inspection Binder System- Upgrade Materials


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