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Natasha Harris

Natasha Harris is the Founder, Presenter & Executive Owner of Integrity Training & Professional Services. Natasha completed Master's Degree in Organizational Leadership and her focus is Early Childhood Education, with a specialty for leadership / management / administrators . Natasha is an Master Trainer, entrepreneur educator, and a Texas Child Care Health Consultant. Follow her on Facebook For Upcoming Trainings & Director Course Offerings. Integrity-Training-And-Professional-Services

Her Topic: Winning Parent Interviews


Amy Palacios Peña

Amy Pena is a bilingual Speech-Language Pathologist with over 10 years of clinical experience in the field of pediatric development and neuroscience. She is an Advanced Autism Specialist and Master Professional Trainer based in the Rio Grande Valley.  In 2015, Amy opened Skyline Development Center in South Texas establishing the first facility to provide early childhood development and intervention services.  After collaboration with Harvard’s Frontiers of Innovation, Amy most recently helped launch a non-profit organization designed to create an all inclusive learning alternative for children with developmental delays.  As a subject matter expert on pediatric development and diversity, she continues to pioneer the establishment of strong early childhood services through nationwide training services. Follow her on Facebook. Skyline Development Center.
"As a Speech-Language Pathologist, I recognize the critical impact early childhood stimulation and positive early learning experiences have on lifelong success. Learning about brain-based differences and their impacts on early childhood development is the key to success when working with any child. My goal is to cultivate confidence within the early childhood professional community, through education, to be confident in their approaches to teaching little developing humans."  ~Amy Pena, M.S., CCC-SLP, ACAS 


Her Topic: Understanding Special Needs


Jerletha McDonald

Jerletha McDonald is a Sr. Manager of Membership & Volunteer Affairs for the NAFCC. She is also a National Family Child Care Consultant. She Specializes in Leadership, Advocacy and Business Development for Family Child Care Executives across the United States. Follow her on Facebook at

Jerletha McDonald.

Her Topic: Family Child Care Toolkit


Laura Bowden

Laura Bowden is the Founder, Presenter, and Certified Child Care Health Consultant of Learning Branch Early Childhood Consultants. Laura has over 30 years of experience in early childcare. She is a TECPDS registered trainer and also a CDA instructor. Laura's mission is to support early childcare centers and use her experience to help others by working with their programs to assess, implement, and evaluate all components from developing policies and procedures to assisting with quality improvement strategies. Laura believes that by strengthening childcare programs- we can all achieve a high-quality, safe, healthy learning environment for our children. You can contact her at  "Together we can make a difference".

Her Topic: Teacher-Child Interactions


LJ Henderson

La Sonja Jordan Henderson, or “LJ”, as many affectionately call her, is a native of Monroe, Louisiana. She has a deep love and concern for children, fostered by her work as an educator and speech therapist that has spanned the last twenty years. She earned an undergraduate degree in Communicative Disorders from Texas Southern University. Under the tutelage of Dr. Thomas F. Freeman, she received recognition for a 1st Place victory in International Debate in Munich, Germany as well as a second place award for debate in Paris, France. Mrs. Henderson holds two Masters degrees one from Houston Baptist University and the other from California State University Northridge. She is an accomplished business owner and operates two early childhood learning centers. She has also opened the 1st STEM Private Preschool in Texas. Follow her on Facebook Little STEM Academy.

Her Topic: Child Development


Anitra Ross-Haywood

Anitra Ross-Haywood is the founder of RossHaywood Training and Consulting. Prior to establishing her own company, she worked for the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services where she was a Child Care Licensing Inspector for nearly 8 years. Through the years of being an inspector she often felt that she could be more useful to the child care community if she could take a more individualized approach to help them comply with the minimum standards. "Partnering Together In Child Care". Follow her on Facebook. RossHaywood Training & Consulting

Her Topic: Guidance and Discipline


Mila Sengupta

Mila Sengupta has twenty one years of experience as an Administrator, Director, Area Supervisor, CDA Instructor, PD Specialist, Mentor, & Texas Master trainer. She specializes in providing customized professional development, program assessment, and developing future leaders. Contact her at “Together we can help children bloom and flourish”.

Her Topic: Observation and Assessment


Lakeshia Nnamani

Lakeshia Nnamani is the CEO of EC BOSS Consulting. Early Childhood Boss Consulting teaches early childhood leaders how to build high quality preschool programs by focusing on kindergarten readiness, teacher development and licensing compliance. As an early childhood educator, Lakeshia has served as a pre-kindergarten and kindergarten teacher, preschool owner, child development professor and early childhood trainer. You can follow her at Early Childhood Boss on Facebook. 

Her Topic: Milestones


Cammy Herrera

Cammy is a teacher, master trainer, & Preschool owner at Ms. Cammy's Preschool. She is a Firefighter Wife & mom of 3 running a hands-on home preschool.  She is a certified teacher EC-6th and a certified Child & Youth Care Professional.  She has over 23 years working with children. In addition to teaching preschoolers, she makes printable curriculum and also trains early childhood educators. She is also the founder and president of North Texas Childcare Alliance and an involved member in several associations including NAEYC, TPHCCA & TLCCA.
Her Mission at Ms. Cammy's  Preschool is to provide a safe, secure, nurturing, educational, and enriching environment that fosters a love of learning and positive self-esteem.  Follow her at Cammy Herrera.

Her Topic: Shaken Baby


Ryne is head of insurance at Bunker Insurance. He jokingly refers to himself as an insurance nerd because of his extensive insurance background and love for the industry. Bunker makes it easy and affordable to protect your daycare - and every kid inside. They have worked with insurance carriers to build programs that cover the unique risks facing in-home daycares, without mountains of paperwork. Check out Bunker and let them find you the best rates.  Go to their website & get a Bunker Partnership insurance quote for your child care business. 

Ryne Ring

His Topic: Home Safety: How To Make Your Home Safe For Child Care. 

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