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Monthly Printable


Only $7.99 A Month Or Choose The One-Time Download Option For $15.99. The Subscription Is 50% Off!

At HDC, we believe children should be encouraged to explore, play, and learn. That’s why we offer a wide selection of themed printable activity packs for children. We believe learning should happen in a fun and engaging environment. Our themes will never be boring! Pretend is one of our favorite things to play!

We love to include educational worksheets, coloring pages, creative activities, games, dramatic play, and crafts to our monthly themes. We strive to provide caregivers and parents with the tools they need to create a stimulating and enriching child care experience. Join our cost saving Printable Subscription Service. You will not be disappointed and the children will love it!

Printables For Providers-
Child Care Themed Printable Activity Packs & Provider Bonus Forms Right To Your Inbox Every Month.

What Is Included With My $7.99 A Month Printable Subscription? You get a new theme every month right in your inbox. Save & print when you are ready! This is the best Printable Subscription Service out there!  You can also choose the one-time purchase option if you are not wanting a subscription. We give options! 

  • 25 Plus Daily Worksheets

  • Play-Doh Mat Assortment

  • 5 - 10 Themed Coloring Pages

  • Circle Time Activities

  • Printable Parent Keepsakes

  • Fillable - Themed Calendar

  • Themed Parent Sign-In & Sign-Out Form