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The Secret Sauce To Boosting Your Free Google Business Page Ranking

Introduction: A Guide To Improving Your Google Business Page Ranking

Having a strong online presence is crucial for businesses in today's digital age, and one of the key platforms for visibility is Google. A higher ranking on your Google Business Page can significantly impact your business's visibility, credibility, and customer engagement. Most of the time business owners create a free Google Business Page and never look back. Then they wonder why it isn't working for them. It may be free but you have to work it a bit to make the magic happen. In this blog, we'll explore effective strategies to help you climb the ranks and improve your Google Business Page ranking. 

Want to know where you actually rank and how parents see your business when searching for childcare? Have a friend do a Google search using this formula.

Type the words 👉 daycare in xxxxx (the xxxx's are your zip code) and press search

You need an outside friend to search because if you do it yourself it will show you with a higher ranking than you actually have. This is how parents search for childcare. They usually type in "daycare and their zip code" when searching for care. Once the friend searches your business have them count down the daycares until they find your business page listing. That is your baseline. Now go to work and get those rankings up! Follow the steps below! You could literally rank number one with a little work and it will pay off when the phone begins ringing.

Also, make sure they don't count the childcare sponsored ads at the top. Those are paid ads and are not a part of your ranking. If they go through all the daycares and you do not show up then you have a bigger problem than just advertising. Your business page may not be listed correctly or maybe you still need to do some internal work. It could be as simple as a bad business category selection or you may still need to be verified.


Now let's improve your ranking. Do these things often! Especially until you rank where you like and the phone is ringing often.

1. Optimize Your Google My Business Profile:

   - Fill out all relevant information: Ensure your profile is complete with accurate business details, such as address, phone number, business hours, and website (if you have one).

   - Choose the right categories: Select the most appropriate categories for your business to align with what you offer. So important! If you don't choose the correct category you won't show up on a search for that service.

2. Encourage Reviews and Ratings:

   - This is a big one!!! Request reviews from satisfied customers: Positive reviews not only improve your reputation but also boost your page's ranking. Literally, reach out to anyone that you have cared for their child before. Just remember you can't remove the review. Good or bad it is staying so only reach out to trusted families. 

   - Respond to reviews: Engage with your audience by responding to reviews, showing that you value their feedback. This helps your ranking too!

3. Utilize High-Quality Images and Videos:

   - Upload engaging visuals: Showcase your products, services, and premises with high-resolution images and captivating videos to attract more visitors. Don't post blurry pics or dark photos. It doesn't take much to take amazing photos with your phone these days so practice makes perfect! Make your pictures look warm, inviting, and clean up the background. Post pictures regularly.

4. Consistent NAP Citations:

   - Ensure consistency: Make sure your business name, address, and phone number (NAP) are consistent across all platforms and directories. This helps in local search optimization.

5. Publish Relevant Posts and Updates:

   - Share updates regularly: Post news, promotions, events, and relevant content to keep your audience informed and engaged. This should be done regularly. 

6. Optimize Keywords:

   - Use relevant keywords: Incorporate important keywords in your business description, posts, and reviews to enhance search engine optimization (SEO) and improve ranking.

7. Leverage Google Q&A:

   - Answer customer questions: Be proactive in answering questions to provide accurate information and demonstrate your commitment to customer service.

8. Utilize Google Posts:

   - Share timely updates: Use Google Posts to publish offers, events, or announcements that can attract more attention and engagement.

9. Encourage Check-ins:

   - Offer incentives: Encourage customers to check in at your location, which can boost visibility and engagement.

10. Monitor Insights and Adjust Strategies:

    - Analyze Google My Business Insights: Use the data provided to understand customer interactions and adjust your strategies accordingly.


Optimizing your Google Business Page and improving its ranking can significantly impact your business's online visibility and customer reach. Ranking higher makes the phone ring! By following these strategies and staying proactive in managing your online presence, you'll be on your way to climbing the ranks and achieving greater success in the digital world. The best part is that it is FREE! Don't miss this advertising opportunity!

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