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Child Care Inspection Binder System- Upgrade To A Center

See your quote below. You will only be paying the upgrade to a childcare center charge today. You have already purchased the one-home daycare binder. We have subtracted that amount and your only balance is the upgrade remainder.




Thank you for your interest in our Child Care Center Inspection Binder System! We are excited about the opportunity to help get your program organized. Our center binder system will put your important center information at your fingertips. It will feel amazing to drop everything in front of your inspector and go about your business! This binder set will be one of the best business investments you can make. It will be like having a rolling file cabinet that keeps you from running to yours whenever the inspector asks for something. It will also keep them out of your actual filing cabinet! The set will grow with your business and you won't know what you did before you had it! Remember you already paid for one home daycare binder ($224.99) so we will discount that difference. The quote will have the price and then will be discounted to show what it costs to upgrade to the center binder system.

Quote Details:

Item: Child Care Center Inspection Binder System
Quantity: 3 binders total to complete your set (Based on 31 reusable children's folders and 6 reusable staff folders)

Total Price for your 3 Binder Set: $499 which will include shipping/handling (2 priority mail shipping boxes). If you are interested we will set it up as an upgrade item link on our website. You will be given the option to use the Affirm payment plan, too if you're interested. REMEMBER YOU HAVE ALREADY PAID $224.99 for the one-home daycare binder so the upgrade cost to do the 3 binder center set would only be $274.01 to upgrade. Please let us know how to proceed. We know you will love your new binder system!



Inspection & Record Keeping Binder System - 


Do you want to have stress-free licensing inspections? Our Inspection and Record-Keeping Binder is designed specifically for you to get and stay organized! We help you stay in compliance! Enjoy this well-organized, personalized,  binder system that includes all the content you need for your child care licensing inspections.  Enjoy having all your records, required forms, training, staff records, a parent handbook section, meal/food program section, emergency/medical/building section, children's enrollment folders, staff folders, and contact information all in one spot. No more searching a file cabinet while child care licensing waits for you to find a file! Simply grab your binders during the inspection and hand them off to your inspector! You have enough to worry about running your business! Get your Inspection & Record-Keeping Binder System today!


So Many Goodies Included: 

🌸Center Records Section - Get Your Important Things Organized All In One Place!
🌸Clear CPR & First Aid Zipped, Binder Pocket
🌸Parent Handbook Section For Your Updated Handbook
🌸Required Licensing Forms Printed For FREE! Stay In Compliance!
🌸Our Custom Forms - Postings, Master Copies, etc.
🌸Emergency / Medical / Building Section
🌸Staff Record's Folders With card inserts
🌸Children's Enrollment Records Folders With card inserts Included! 
🌸Meals or Food Program Section For Applicable Members
🌸Contact Page With Licensing Contacts, Local Child Care Associations, Local Food Programs, And Other Important Contacts For Your Program.


So many bonuses! Our custom forms...


🌸Lesson Plan Form
🌸Daily Menu Form
🌸To-do List Form
🌸Daily Schedule Form
🌸Child Daily Report Form
🌸Weekly Planner Form
🌸Contact Page Form
🌸2022, 2023, 2024 Calendars
🌸Child Photo Release
🌸Bug Spray & Sunblock Authorization
🌸Blank Graphing Paper For Schematic Design
🌸Parent Contract
🌸Blank Notes

🌸Emergency Info
🌸Building Inspection 
🌸Infant Sleep Observation

🌸Field Trip Permission

🌸Injury Notice

🌸Medication Permission

🌸Water Permission


Child Care Inspection Binder System- Upgrade To A Center


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