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Child Care Licensing Inspection & Recordkeeping Binder

Researched & State Specific!

Can't Find Your State Listed? Scroll Down & Click On The Custom Order Form Link Below. ALL States Are Available! Just Fill Out The Form & Purchase!

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Does the ringing doorbell stress you out?

Do you want to have stress-free licensing inspections? Our Inspection and Record-Keeping Binder is designed specifically with the in-home provider in mind! We help you get and stay in compliance! This well-organized, personalized, physical 3" binder includes all the content you need for your child care licensing inspections. Enjoy having all your personal records, required forms, trainings, staff records, a parent handbook section, meal/food program section, emergency/medical/building section, children's enrollment folders, staff & household member folders, and contact information all in one spot. No more searching a file cabinet while child care licensing waits on you to find a file! Simply grab your binder during inspection and hand it off to them! You have enough to worry about running your business! We have also included a valuable "Provider Helpful Inspection Tips Sheet"! Get your Inspection & Record-Keeping Binder today!


Some Of The Goodies Included: 

🌸Personal Records Section - Get Your Important Things Organized All In One Place!
🌸Clear CPR & First Aid Zipped, Binder Pocket
🌸Parent Handbook Section For Your Updated Handbook
🌸Required Licensing Forms Printed For FREE! Stay In Compliance!
🌸Other Important Required Forms - Postings, Master Copies, etc.
🌸Emergency / Medical / Building Section
🌸Staff & Household Member Record's Folders With Card Inserts
🌸Children's Enrollment Records Folders With Card Inserts Included! 
🌸Meals or Food Program Section For Applicable Members
🌸Contact Page With Licensing Contacts, Local Child Care Associations, Local Food Programs, And Other Important Contacts For Your Program. 


Bonus: We have included high-quality printed Child Care Licensing forms for you at no extra cost to you! These are free files provided by child care licensing that anyone can print online at any time. We just like the idea of helping you get you started. Please note these forms are subject to change by your state and it is up to you to verify compliance. We have also included these extra printables to complete the set! 

🌸Lesson Plan Form
🌸Daily Menu Form
🌸To-do List Form
🌸Daily Schedule Form
🌸Child Daily Report Form
🌸Weekly Planner Form
🌸Contact Page Form
🌸2021-2022 Calendars
🌸Child Photo Release
🌸Bug Spray & Sunblock Authorization
🌸Blank Graphing Paper For Home Schematic Design
🌸Parent Contract
🌸Blank Notes Page

🌸Money Tracker (Income & Expenses)

🌸Blank Invoice

🌸Blank Receipt For Services

🌸Daily Building Inspection

🌸Emergency Drills & Inspection

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What Is The Binder?

The inspection binder is a professionally designed binder for in-home child care professionals. It is a form and record-keeping system designed to help providers get organized and pass their licensing  inspections. 

Is It Professional Quality?

We use a heavy-duty 3" binder and add heavy laminated dividers that are beautifully designed. All printed on heavy- duty, crisp white paper and also include heavy duty page sleeves. We even include a zipper pouch for your CPR card. 

Is It State Specific?

It is! We have spent a lot of time researching each state's child care licensing requirements and then we uniquely design each one. Scroll & find your state from the menu and then pick your license type. Start enjoying stress free inspections!

What Are The Bonuses?

Here is an example of a few of the many forms we include! Child Photo Release, Bug Spray & Sunblock Authorization, Home Schematic, Lesson Plan Form, Daily Menu Form, Daily Schedule Form, Daily Report, Parent Contract, Receipts, Etc.

Will This Organize Me?

We have designed helpful laminated sections to organize your records! Personal records, staff, children, food program, building, emergency, contacts, parents, etc. Each section is packed full of forms. We take the guesswork out of organizing!

I Can't Find My State!

All States Are Available. If Your State Is Not Listed Just Scroll To The Custom Form Link. Fill Out The Form & Complete Your Purchase. We Will Follow Up With An Email To Discuss Customization Of Your Binder & Shipping Details. 

Is It Personalized?

It is! We take all your important business information and design a beautiful cover for the binder. We will also include a laminated page for your logo, if you have one to share with us! Personalization makes it YOURS!

Can I Make It My Own?

We hope you do! That is the purpose of the binder. We have taken the time to research, organize, and print it for you. So, you should take the time to make it your own, if you choose! You will definitely enjoy this well organized, professional binder!

All States Available! Don't See Yours? Click The Custom Order! 

All States Available! Don't See Yours? Click The Custom Order! 

Alabama   Alaska   Arizona   Arkansas   California   Colorado   Connecticut   Delaware   Florida   Georgia   Hawaii   Idaho  Illinois  Indiana  Iowa  Kansas   Kentucky   Louisiana   Maine   Maryland   Massachusetts  Michigan   Minnesota   Mississippi   Missouri   Montana   Nebraska   Nevada   New Hampshire   New Jersey   New Mexico   New York   North Carolina   North Dakota   Ohio   Oklahoma   Oregon   Pennsylvania  Rhode Island   South Carolina   South Dakota   Tennessee   Texas   Utah  Vermont   Virginia   Washington   West Virginia   Wisconsin   Wyoming 

Custom Binder

Buy Now! Get Into Compliance!

We understand the struggle of running your in-home child care business and we want to partner with you! We know the stress of a child care licensing inspection, so we have designed an inspection and recordkeeping binder to help you get into compliance. Each state is researched and then personalized for your business. It is time to finally relax during your inspections knowing that your forms and paperwork are organized in one place. Affirm's Buy Now Pay Later option is right for any business budget! Let's get the busy work off your mind!  

Scroll Above To Find Your State! We Add New States Weekly! Can't Wait? Scroll Down & Click On The Custom Order Link Below. 

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All States Available! Don't See Yours? Click The Custom Order! 

Order Any State Now!

I Want To Place A Custom Order & Get It NOW!  Use This Form, If We Don't Have Your State Available To Click On. Don't Forget To Finalize the Payment. We Will Get To Work Right Away! 

Please look for an email with more details about your purchase. If you do not see any emails from us make sure to check your spam inbox. Also, refreshing your spam will help too. We want to make sure we are making a connection. We will be sending more customization and shipping information very soon. 

Give Us Your Binder Specifications:

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All States Available! Don't See Yours? Click The Custom Order! 

All States Available! Don't See Yours? Click The Custom Order! 

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